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Fan Fiction: "Shadows of Another Life" Chapter 12~Memories


Title: Shadows of Another Life

Author: Lindsey fair
Characters/Pairing: Edward/Bella, some Rosalie/Emmett, some Alice/Jasper
Rating: M for Mature Audiences, just in case
Category: Romance, General
Spoilers: If you haven't read the books, you might not get some of it. This is Alternate Universe and is All Human.
Summary: Bella has just ended a long relationship with Jake. She has decided to start over in Cottonwood, Ca where her family, dad, Charlie, sister, Rosalie, and twin brother, Jasper have made home the past year without her. Can she settle in to the new town, her new career, and a new romance all while dealing with the tragic events that lead to the move?
Disclaimer: I own nothing. I'm not SM. I'm just LJ, but most days I wish I was SM.

Chapter 12-Memories

Jacob's POV

As my eyes flickered open, I could see I was surrounded by monitors. I had tubes coming in and going out of me. I tried to turn my head only to realize I had a hard brace around my neck. The room was dim, but I could see a few nurses and a doctor standing outside the glass door to the room.

At this, I knew my plan hadn't worked. I had everything figured out to the last detail. How could it have failed? It came to me in one blinding second. Edward Cullen.

I let my mind drift back to the beginning of the end.


Bella was sitting on our couch sobbing when I got home from work that day.

“Angel, what's wrong?” I gathered her into my arms and up on to my lap.

“It's dad.” She grabbed a tissue and blew her nose. “He was offered a job as police chief in a town in California. Rose found out one of her friends from culinary school had a cousin who owns a restaurant there. You know Jasper can work from anywhere as a photographer. They're all moving.”

Not that I didn't like Bella's family. Charlie was like a second father to me. I never understood Rosalie. She was nothing like Bella. How could someone so beautiful be truly so ugly? Then there was Jasper, our little third wheel. If they were all going to be gone, I'd finally have Bella all to myself.

“It'll be fine. You're almost done with school then we can go visit. You know you have to work for Dr. Mills. You made a commitment when he helped pay your tuition.”

“Yes, I know.” Another reminder that she wasn't able to leave.

As the months flew by and she had graduated, I started to think of new ways to keep her from leaving. Once, when she was determined to go visit Rosalie for some thing at her restaurant, I actually disconnected the starter in her truck. I told her it would take days to fix and she gave up on the idea.

I finally proposed one night when I took her to the cliffs. I imagined her being overjoyed after over seven years together. She accepted with quite appreciation. When we made love that night, I made sure to pay special attention to every detail. Still, she seemed a million miles away.

A few days later, Jasper showed up. For a guy who had once been my closest friend, he was beginning to want his sister to have nothing to do with me. They spent hours together that day before she finally convinced him to leave.

“He's just worried about me. You know how he is. He just wants me to be sure.”

I pulled her into my arms and bent down to kiss her forehead. “He just needs to realize it's you and me, forever. It was meant to be.”

“Maybe it's just that he misses me so much. They've been gone over six months and I haven't gotten a chance to go visit once.”

“Don't worry. After the wedding, we'll take some time off to go down there.” I kissed into her hair as she wrapped her arms around my waist. I loved the way the scent of her shampoo wafted across my face.

“I know, it's just, he'd finally got a girlfriend. A serious one. Rose introduced them cause I guess she's dating her older brother.”

“That's kind of weird. Do they all double date?”

“I'm sure they do, but you know Jas isn't as close to Rose as he is to me. I think it's been kind of awkward for him. He says he tries to talk to her like she was me, but it's just not the same.”

Within a week, Rosalie had come to take her dress shopping. I thought it would get her more in the wedding mood since it would only be six weeks away.

She was so excited when I got home that day. I hadn't seen her like that in months. Maybe she'd found the dress or the perfect necklace.

“It's a partnership, Jake! I'd be a partner already. Just think, we could buy a big house with a huge vegetable garden. Rose says her boyfriend even has a stable. I could finally buy a horse.” She was jumping up and down in my arms, but I knew it was a bad idea.

“Bella, I can't leave. Our life is here. Our home is here. Plus, what about Dr. Mills? You can't just back out on him.”

“No, it'll be fine. I'll be getting a sign on bonus. It's enough to pay Dr. Mills what I owe him. Plus, Tyler graduates this semester. I'm sure he'd be more than happy to take my place.”

“You'll have plenty of chances to get into a better practice. You can't jump at the first thing to cross your path. Do you really want to leave all this? All our friends? My father? We just got settled in the house and the wedding is only a few weeks away.” All the joy drained out of her and she went to sulk for the rest of the night.

Time passed with no mention of the new job. Then she brought it up again. Again, I reminded her of our life in Forks. A few days later, she was at it again. This time, I was a little more forceful. The next day, she told me she wanted to take the job. At this point, I knew I had to put my foot down. I came home that night to find she had packed her bags. She was leaving with or with out me.

When the rage took over me, everything blurred together. I didn't even remember picking up the fire place poker until I was already pressing it against her skin. I knew I had to do everything to keep her. I threw myself on top of her. I wanted inside her like I never had before. Then came the pain and it all went black.

When I woke up, Sam was sitting beside me.

“What happened? Where's Bella?”

“Jasper took her to the hospital. She's gone. I hope for her sake, she never comes back.”

I saw that the bag and boxes that had been there before were gone. I tried to stand, but the pain radiating from my head was almost unbearable.

“I can't believe you'd do something like that. To Bella. I thought you loved her.”

“I do.”

“You realize you could have killed her tonight. If Jasper hadn't gotten here when he did, I don't know what condition she would have been in.”

Jasper was the reason for my aching head.

I called the hospital, but they said she's already been released. I tried to call her cell, but it went straight to voice mail.

I kept trying every hour for the next two days until I got a message saying the line had been disconnected. She was really gone and I couldn't picture my life without her. I drank until I passed out most nights. One night, I would have jumped off the cliffs if Sam wouldn't have stopped me. I knew I had to see her, if only to explain.

I went to Cottonwood. I followed Charlie from his house to the restaurant where Rosalie worked. I sat in the bar waiting to find a moment alone with her. That's when I saw her dancing with the pretty boy. I had never imagined I would ever have any competition for Bella's heart. Especially not from some rich pretty boy. Then when he came into the bar, I knew it was the perfect opportunity to question him.

I was overcome with relief when he said they were just friends. I still didn't like the way he was touching her, my Bella. Then when Bella came in, her face went white. When I saw him wrap himself around her, the green monster stated to rage inside of me.

I couldn't get a word in. Then Jasper came in and I knew I didn't need another one of his special headaches that night, so I left.

As the weeks went on, I rented a house in Anderson, not far from Cottonwood. I got a good job as a construction foreman and was pulling down a much better pay check.

I was out with one of the guys I was starting to pal around with when we had to stop by his cousin's house. I helped him hang a new back door on her house. She had a pot bellied pig that needed a special doorway to get in and out of the house. That's when I saw the flier on her fridge from Bella's clinic. They had a get to know you day at the office so people could come welcome Dr. Klein's new partner. She said she hadn't gone, but heard she was really nice. I explained that she was my ex girlfriend and we were trying to work things out. It would be a nice surprise if she made a call on the pig and found me there with a dozen roses. She thought it was sweet and agreed to call.

When she saw my face after looking at Fritz, she ran for the door. Then, there he was again. That pretty boy brother of Emmett's. This time he wasn't going to stop me. Then when he said my Bella was his wife, it was if he had stabbed me right in the chest. I couldn't even make contact with my right hook and he got in a good jab to my stomach. When they drove away, I fell to my knees thinking I had nothing left to live for.

My new friends encouraged me to go on and if I really wanted her back, to fight for her. That's when I set out to learn all there was to know about Edward Cullen.

He was an owner in Cullen Fields Vineyard. Only because he'd inherited it, I'm sure. He was rich and I was sure he didn't take care of all of his money. I started to formulate a plan. Once I got a hold of his social security number and birth date, it wasn't really that hard getting credit cards in his name. It was like free money. I even got a friend who dealt with some of California's immigrants to make me up a fake birth certificate and driver's license.

I planned the night down to a tee. I knew they were watching her, but if she thought she was meeting him for a romantic night, no problems.

I couldn't believe how fast my heart was beating when she walked into the room. I tried to make her see I just wanted to talk. That is when she showed me the place where I had burned her. Her voice got stronger, yet I could tell there was still part of my Bella there. I pleaded her to leave him and tried to give her back her engagement ring. At first, I was hopeful. Then when she closed the box and declared her love for that moron, I lost it. The box flew from my fingers and into the wall. Then she flew backwards and the mirror came crashing down on her. I froze. Then he was there to save the day once again. When she came to and they started kissing and spouting their undying devotion to each other, I had to get out of there.

I got back to Anderson and went to meet some friends at a bar. I knew now that the next time I would see Bella, I wouldn't give her a choice. I had to have her. That's when we came up with my new plan.

One of the guys was the police chief's right hand man. The chief would be gone for a long weekend and it was the perfect opportunity to put this genius plan in motion. My fake chief called Charlie who in turn got Bella and that Edward to come in for questioning.

I think Bella was scared that Edward would be arrested, so whatever questions my friend posed, she answered without hesitation.

I took a flight to Hawaii and got there two days before they would arrive. Plenty of time to setup a hiding spot for Bella and I to stay till things calmed down. I knew that Bella would be staying at the hotel the night before the wedding. So I waited. I saw Rosalie and Charlie drive off. When I was sure they were gone, I went inside. I was able to get a key from the front desk since the rooms were reserved in Edward's name. Just a flash of my fake id and it was in my hand.

I heard them singing all the way down the hall. I knew they wouldn't hear me if I just slipped in. The music stopped as I opened the door. Then she was there. More beautiful than I'd ever seen her before. Her hair flowed over her shoulders like silk. Her eyes were a warm autumn brown. When Jasper disrupted my view, I swatted him away like a fly. Nothing was going to keep me from getting to Bella.

After I let her have one last conversation with him, I made her write the note. Soon we were in the car heading towards our new life. She tried only once to get out, but I grabbed her hand as we sped off, locking the doors.

As we made it down the road, I began to tell her how I'd set up a whole new life for us. It was going to be perfect. Then a split second seemed to happen in slow motion.

We were driving through the intersection and I looked out the driver's side window. I saw Charlie with Edward in the passengers seat speeding towards me. I saw the lights of a police car right behind them as they crashed into the front driver's side of my car. My head smashed through the window.

Now here I lay, helpless, in some hospital. Only God knows how long it will be before I can get back to Bella.

I saw a doctor on the phone outside of my room. I strained to hear what he was saying.

“I'm sorry, Mr. Black. The prognosis for this type of injury is not good. He's got a severe skull fracture that has caused significant brain damage.” Brain damage? My brain seems to be working fine. It's this body. Why can't I move my legs? “The part of the brain that controls his speech was affected most. I don't know that he'll ever to be able to communicate verbally again. He might regain the use of his legs after intense physical therapy, but I'm afraid he'll be in a state hospital until it's determined he can stand trial.” Stand trial? I slowly began to realize what was happening to me. I had lost my ability to speak, the use of my legs, my freedom, and my sweet Bella, all because of Edward Cullen.


A/N: I just had to get out all that Jacob was thinking. I didn't think I had gotten across what he was actually thinking throughout the story. I hope this gives you the idea of what he was going through. He was originally a pretty good guy, but his desperation for Bella caused him to loose everything. Now he's practically a vegetable. I thought the worst punishment would to be trapped in your own body, unable to speak or move, but know everything that was going on around him. Do you think this was a good way to end Jacob's part in the story? Do you think he'll suffer enough for what he's done? Keep those comments and reviews coming. Chapter 13, you will get the wedding I promised. I'm just working out some of the little details, like the vows and the girl's dresses. It has to be perfect.

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