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Fan Fiction: "Shadows of Another Life" Chapter 7~Official

Title: Shadows of Another Life
Author: Lindseyfair
Characters/Pairing: Edward/Bella, some Rosalie/Emmett, some Alice/Jasper
Rating: M for Mature Audiences, just in case
Category: Romance, General
Spoilers: If you haven't read the books, you might not get some of it. This is and Alternate Universe and is All Human.
Summary: Bella has just ended a long relationship with Jake. She has decided to start over in Cottonwood, Ca where her family, dad, Charlie, sister, Rosalie, and twin brother, Jasper have made home the past year without her. Can she settle in to the new town, her new career, and a new romance all while dealing with the tragic events that lead to the move?
Disclaimer: I own nothing. I'm not SM. I'm just LJ, but most days I wish I was SM.

                                                                           Chapter 7-Official


I woke up the next morning feeling better than I had in years. Edward's arms around me all night felt so natural. Usually, I hated being touched while I was sleeping. Jake actually had bruises from the countless times I had kicked him while I was sleeping.

He was still asleep when I woke up, so I just sat and admired what laid before me. His defined chest with six pack abs. His bronze mane tussled on the pillow made me want to just run my fingers through it. His earlobes were even perfect. I dragged my index finger across the stubble along his jaw and brought it to rest on his chin. He stirred and his brilliant emerald eyes fluttered open.

“Morning, beautiful.”

“Sleep good?”

“So good. You?”

“Yep, I just hope I didn't...”

“You didn't say anything too embarrassing. Just my name and yes several times. It was kinda sexy.”

“Still a little embarrassed.” I rolled over and laid on my back, covering my face with my hands.

He rolled on his side and pulled my hands back down. “It's nothing. It just makes you so much more endearing.”

“We should get up. Someone might have noticed by now that you're not in your room.”

“After this.” He cupped my cheek as he brought his lips to mine. He had perfected the most amazing soft kiss. I felt the heat rise to my ears almost instantly. “The best way to start the day.”

“I would certainly agree.” I slipped out from under him and walked to the bathroom.

I had left my purse in the bathroom. I grabbed the little bottle of mouthwash I carried and took a swig. I spit it out then drug my tongue across my teeth. Not as good as brushing, but much better. I pulled out the cell phone to find a missed call from Dr. Klein. I dialed the number.

“Hey, Kevin. Sorry I missed your call.” I walked into the bedroom to see Edward still lying in bed. I sat down as Kevin launched into his story. “No, it's not a problem. I'll go out there now. Can you text me the address?” Edward looked a little disappointed. “Okay, tell Barb I hope she's better soon. Bye.” I shut the phone. “Barb broke her ankle last night. They just got back from the ER. I've got to go out on a call.”

“Can you at least get some breakfast first?”

“We can get some on the way cause you're coming with me.” I grabbed my jeans and went to the bathroom to trade my lounge pants for them.

“I'll go get dressed and meet you downstairs.” I heard him slip out the door.

I pulled back my hair in a ponytail then slipped on my shoes.

By the time I got downstairs, Esme had breakfast laid out. Alice and Jasper were at the kitchen table with Carlisle. The were munching on muffins and cinnamon rolls while drinking their coffee.

“Morning.” I greeted everyone as I came in.

“Sleep okay, Bells?” Jasper raised his eyebrow as he questioned.

“Yes, fine.” I turned to Esme. “I hope it's alright that we stay here. I don't want to put you out.”

She came and put her arm around me. “We'd do anything to keep you safe, honey. Stay as long as you like.”

“Thanks.” She handed me a cinnamon roll as I sat down at the table.

“You'll need to go home and get your things.” Jasper liked to point out the obvious.

“Ya, I know.” I swallowed before continuing. “I've got to go out on a call. Edward's going to take me to get my truck then go with me.”

“Edward's up already?” Carlisle asked as he put down his paper.

“Yep. I bumped into him in the hall. He'd getting dressed.”

“I'm ready. Let's go.” Edward entered wearing a navy polo shirt and jeans. His hair was combed in a manageable fashion. He actually looked like he'd shaved as well.

“Take something with you, honey.” Esme handed him a muffin.

He kissed her on the cheek. “ Thanks, mom.” He held his hand out for me. “ Come on. Lives to save. Chop. Chop.”

I shoved the rest of my roll in my mouth as I grabbed his hand and he pulled me to my feet. “Be back later.” I called with a mouthful as we sprinted out the kitchen door.



We picked up Bella's truck at her dad's house and left my Volvo there. We'd have to come back later to gather her things and talk to Charlie.

“Who's the patient today?”

She was checking the directions Kevin had sent her on her phone. “A potbellied pig named Fritz. Kevin says it's usually just indigestion, but said we'd take a look just to be on the safe side. You'll probably want to stay in the car.”

The ride was short but eventful. She sang with the radio to some of my favorite songs. I was surprised how well she was able to drive while singing so loudly. My Bella, what a brave woman.

When we arrived, she hopped out of the truck and grabbed her bag out of the back. “I won't be long. Here.” She dug her iPod out of her bag and threw it to me. “See if there's anything on there you like.”

I smiled as I put the buds in my ears. She slammed the door and ran up to the front gate. She was greeted at the door by a young woman who looked elated to see her.

I flipped through the songs until I found one I recognized. One of my favorite piano concertos filled the corners of my mind. I was lost in the music until I heard a loud crash coming from inside. I opened my eyes and tore out my ear buds. I jumped out of the truck as Bella came rushing down the front walk with her bag in hand. When she made it to the gate, I saw what she was running from. Jacob.

The gate flung open and I rushed to her side. She was crying. I threw my arms around her which seemed to stop Jacob dead in his tracks. Only for a moment though. I stood between him and Bella. Even though I was sure he had half a foot and at least a hundred pounds on me, with the adrenaline on my side, I think I would've taken him.

“Get out of my way, pretty boy.”

That was the wrong thing to say. “Bella, go get in the truck.” Bella started to move back as Jacob advanced. I threw up both of my hands and pressed them against his chest, sending him a few feet back. “I wouldn't test me today. I will get the police involved if I need to.”

He frowned and shook his head. Not really what I was expecting. “I just want to talk to her, explain.”

“She doesn't need you or your explanations.”

“I know you're Emmett's brother and all and you feel some sort of family obligation to Bella...”

I cut him off right there. “A lot has changed between Bella and I since the last time she saw you.”

“I could really care less about you and your pretty boy fantasies.”

“I have no illusions about my wife and I.” That statement stopped him in his tracks. I hoped I could keep it together long enough for him to believe me.

“You're telling me the two of you are married?” I could see that the corners of my lie were seeping in.

“It was spur of the moment thing, but when you meet someone like Bella, there is no reason to wait.” A smile crept across my face as I realized how true the words were.

He shook his head from side to side. “No. No. She wouldn't.”

“She did.”

Thankfully the adrenaline heightened my senses, so I was able to duck his first feeble punch. I was able to sneak in a hard punch to his stomach that sent him back another few feet. “Stay away from my wife,” I gritted through my teeth. I went to the driver's side door while watching Jacob clutch at his stomach. If his stomach hurt as much as my hand did, it was worth it.

I slid Bella out of the driver's seat as I jumped in and closed the door. “Give me the keys.” She fumbled for a second, keeping her eyes glued to Jacob, but managed to hand them over. I started the truck and tore out. I watched the rear view mirror as Jacob fell to his knees.

“What did you say to make him try to hit you?” Her tears had stopped, but I could see she was still shaken.

“You don't want to know. Was there even a pig there at all?”

“Yes, Fritz was fine. The woman was a friend of a friend of Jake's. He got her to call so he could see me. As soon as I saw him, I bolted out of there.”

“I'm taking you to your dad's. Well get your things and get straight back to the house. I'm not letting you out of my sight.” I lifted my right hand to caress her cheek. It was then I noticed how swollen it had become in such a short time.

“My god, Edward.” She pulled it from her cheek to examine it.

“It looks worse than it is.” It really hurt like hell though.

“Can you move your fingers?” They were stiff, but I managed to move them. “You need to ice this down. I can't believe you hit him that hard.”

I saw the smile as I caught her gaze. We pulled up to her father's house where the cruiser was parked in the driveway.

“Dad,” She yelled as we got in the house. “Where are you?”

“In the kitchen, Bells.” He was seated at the kitchen table as we walked in. “Hey, Edward.”

“Chief Swan.”

Bella rushed to the freezer and began dumping ice into a towel.

“Damn, son. What happened to your hand?”

“I punched a brick wall or at least that's what it felt like.”

“He hit Jake, dad.” She wadded up the ice filled towel and held it to my hand. “Sit down.”

“Yes, ma'am.” I sat as instructed. She slumped in the chair next to me, keeping the icy pressure on my hand.

Charlie sat awe struck. “Why didn't you call. I would have come and dragged him right to jail.”

“It all happened so fast.”

“What happened?”

Bella retold the story about going to see Fritz. “Then I got in the truck. He and Edward we're talking. Jake threw a punch.”

“I ducked and threw one in his gut.”

“Give me the address. I'll send someone over.”

She got the address out of her phone. “You still never told me what you said to make him so mad.”

“I told him that a lot had changed since he last saw you. He didn't seem to buy it, so I had to convince him.”

“And?” She pressed the ice pack harder on my hand.

I squeezed my eyes shut. “I told him we we're married.”

Charlie erupted in a fit of laughter, but Bella actually let up on the pack. I thought it safe to open my eyes. “He believed that you and I...”

“Not at first, but I'm very convincing.”

Charlie's laughter calmed down. “You two? Who would ever believe that?”

“Dad.” Bella shot him a glare. “Edward and I are dating now.”

“Really.” His lower lip jutted out in disbelief. “Never would have guessed.”

“The Cullen's have offered to let Jasper and I stay till this thing with Jake is figured out.”

“We wouldn't want that to last too long. I'm going to call the station to have them send someone out.” Charlie got up from the table shaking his head.

“I don't think you're dad is to thrilled to even have me as a pretend son-in-law.”

“I don't think he can ever see me with anyone but Jake. He took our breakup harder than I did.” She smiled as she took off the ice pack. “I can't believe you told him we were married.”

“What? It could happen.”

“Oh, I know. Just...” She stopped after she realized what she'd just said. I wasn't sure if she was saying she could see it happening or that she was wanting it to happen.

“It can be arranged if that's what you want.”

At my words, she got up from the table. “Is it hot in here? I think the temperature just went up about thirty degrees.” She opened the freezer and stuck her head in. After about ten seconds, she pulled her head out. “So, is that like an official proposal or are you just messing with me?”

“No, not official, but that's coming.”

“Then I guess that means a trip to Vegas soon?”

“Or and island in the Caribbean.”

“On a beach at sunset?”

I got up from my chair leaving the ice pack on the table. I pushed her back up against the counter with my hands at her waist. “Anything for my Bella.” I brought my lips down to hers for a soft gentle kiss. She wrapped her arms around my neck, tangling her fingers through my hair. God, it felt so good.

“Something to think about, but I don't know.”

“I'm a catch. I promise.”

“I know. I know. It's just... we haven't even made love yet.”

I knew I would regret saying this, but I went ahead any way. “That can wait.” Yep, I regretted it, but the smile on her face was worth it.

“I can't promise I can do that.”

“Oh, thank god. Neither do I.” Overwhelming relief swept over my body.

“It would give me intensive though.”

“So, you think you can resist me?” I kissed my way from her earlobe to her jaw. She tapped at my shoulder as I heard Charlie clear his throat.

“I have two units on their way out.”

“Good. I need to go pack.” At that, she drug me up the stairs to her room.

It didn't take long. She's not as anal about wrinkles as Alice is. Within the hour, I was following her back to the house.

We dropped off her stuff in her new room. She was anxious to get settled on her favorite couch.

Jasper and Alice were curled up on the couch when we came in.

“I guess I owe you one. Hope your hands okay.” Jasper shook my uninjured hand.

“Small price to pay.” I sat in the over sized chair where Bella joined me on my lap.

Jasper's phone rang. He pulled it out. “It's dad.”

We listened intently, but Jasper's end of the conversation was practically non existent. He shut his phone off.

“They missed him. I'm sorry, Bella.”

I kissed her on her chin.

“I guess we'll just have to go with plan B then.”

“Plan B?” What was my devious little Bella up to?

“We'll just have to make it official on a beach at sunset.” 


A/N: I know you might think it's all moving too fast for our Edward and Bella, but just remember how Edward is feeling. "when you meet someone like Bella, there's no reason to wait." If you found the love of your life or Edward for that matter, would you wait?

Plus, I'm not done with Jacob yet. He's going to make another attempt and your not going to believe what he's been up to.

Please keep those comments coming! Thanks so much for reading. On to Chapter 8.

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