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Fan Fiction: "Shadows of Another Life" Chapter 9-Sweetness


Title: Shadows of Another Life
Author: Lindseyfair
Characters/Pairing: Edward/Bella, some Rosalie/Emmett, some Alice/Jasper
Rating: M for Mature Audiences, A bit NC-17 in this chapter for sexual content
Category: Romance, General
Spoilers: If you haven't read the books, you might not get some of it. This is Alternate Universe and is All Human.
Summary: Bella has just ended a long relationship with Jake. She has decided to start over in Cottonwood, Ca where her family, dad, Charlie, sister, Rosalie, and twin brother, Jasper have made home the past year without her. Can she settle in to the new town, her new career, and a new romance all while dealing with the tragic events that lead to the move?
Disclaimer: I own nothing. I'm not SM. I'm just LJ, but most days I wish I was SM.

Chapter 9-Sweetness


Turns out I have a hard head. Nothing broken, just a large knot that would heal, eventually. A bruise the shape of Florida on my back was not the look I was going for. Another reminder of the reasons I left Jake. Even though I seemed to be healing fine, the doctor wanted to check me over one last time to make sure, just in case.

“I'm sure we can recommend someone to look at that if you want to get a skin graft.” He was pressing against my stomach to make sure all my organs were still in the right places.

“I've kinda gotten used to it. It's not going to hurt me if I just leave it, is it?”

“No, it should be fine. It just that most women like showing off their midriffs and well...”

I knew his eyes were wandering around my midsection. “I reserve those spots for certain eyes only.” I pulled the covers back over myself.

“It was only a suggestion. I didn't mean anything.”

Edward knocked on the door and peeked in. “Is she ready to go?”

“I just finished my last exam. She's going to need to take it easy for awhile. I'll get her paperwork ready.”

“Thanks.” Edward came to my side and gave me a very public kiss. This sent the doctor out with the distinct impression that Edward was the one who got to see those certain spots. “Did you get some sleep?”

“Not much. I can't believe that they kicked you out last night. I would have gotten much more rest with you here.”

“Me either. I brought you some clean clothes to get home in. The rehearsal is at five, so you'll have plenty of time to rest when we get home.”

Only if your with me.” I scooted over and patted the space on the bed beside me. Edward climbed in next to me. He wrapped his arms around me as he pressed a kiss into my hair.


We got back to the Cullen's and Edward insisted on taking me straight to his room so I could... rest. I slipped back into some pajamas and slid in Edward's bed. In a few minutes, he joined me in just a pair a black boxer briefs.

I loved the way his legs felt when they were tangled up with mine under the sheets. The hair on his legs tickled as he rubbed them against my calves. My leg felt so natural hiked over his hip. His fingers caressing at my thigh. It wasn't long before I drifted off to sleep.

I woke up to find my cheek plastered to Edward's bare chest, my lips almost on top of his hardened nipple.

“I was about to wake you up, but your breath was very distracting.”

“Sorry, that's must have been difficult for you.” I pealed my cheek from his chest and pressed a soft kiss on his nipple.

“You're killing me!” He shook his head disapprovingly. “We have to get up now. I kinda forgot to do something.”

He forgot to pick up the tuxes? Forgot to bring up the wine for dinner? Nothing could be remotely more important than what I was trying to concentrate on. “It can't wait for a few more minutes?” I pressed another kiss on to his nipple. I kissed my way up to his collar bone then to his chin and up to his lips. I lingered there, listening to his soft moans as our tongues tangled together.

“No, Bella.” He pulled his lips from mine before rolling out of bed. I tried to pout, but watching him try to calm himself down was difficult to say the least. “We need to get cleaned up and dressed. Plus, we forgot about the toasts.”

Oh crap. I hadn't even thought about writing a toast. “Do we have to do one tonight since it's just the family?”

“I know I need to say something, but we both need a big one for tomorrow.”

I jumped out of bed and headed for the door. “I'll think about it while I'm in the shower, alone.”

“Not much longer.”

“I think I might have to give you a deadline.” I was standing in the doorway in my most seductive pose. “I can only keep my hormones in check for so long.”

“I'll think about it during another cold shower.”

I smiled. “I so love you.”

“Love you. I'll come get you when I'm done.”

I crept out and went to enjoy another cold shower.


I only spent five minutes in the shower. The cold water was really getting old. I towel dried my hair before pinning it up in a French twist. I slipped on my black strapless bra and underwear before returning to my room.

“Not exactly what I was hoping for, but this is definitely my favorite outfit.” Edward was sitting in the chair next to the window.

I didn't even try to cover up. I wasn't the least bit nervous that Edward was seeing more of my skin than he ever had before. I picked up my black, knee length dress from the bed and slipped it over my head. “Can you zip me up?”

He got up from the chair and swaggered over to me. His black suit paired with the emerald green dress shirt was more than seductive, it was down right sexy. His eyes were even more brilliant than I'd ever seen before. He zipped me up then laid a kiss on my shoulder.

“Did you come up with anything?” He kissed further up my neck.

“Just a little something. You?” My words trembled from my lips and I practically moaned as he pressed into the hollow beneath my ear.

“I've got an idea.”

I went over to the mirror and quickly applied my make up. I put my diamond stud earrings in my ear before Edward placed something around my neck.

“Edward. It's beautiful. You shouldn't be...”

“Shh. Think of it as an anniversary present.”

“Anniversary of what?”

“I don't know, but I'm sure I can think of something.” He fastened the clasp of the necklace and placed his hands on my shoulders. The circle diamond pendant sparkled across my pale skin.


The ceremony was going to be in a secluded part of the vineyard. Emmett had worked for weeks on building the arch and the make shift alter. The rehearsal began as we all took our places.

Alice and I rode side saddle on our horses to the end of the aisle lead by two stable hands. First, Alice was helped down by Jasper and walked down the aisle. Next, I was helped down by Edward and walked down the aisle. Then, dad and Rose came to the end of the aisle in a horse drawn carriage. This all had to be perfectly in sync with the music. It was difficult but we seemed to manage.

Once we were all in our places, Rose and Emmett practiced their vows and exchanging of rings. When it came to the kiss, Emmett gently cupped her cheek and brought his lips to hers. Not at all what I'd expected. Maybe Edward had given him some pointers. The music blared as we all descended down the aisle.

We made our way back to the house for an amazing feast. Rose had gotten the restaurant to cater the dinner and the reception for free. I was amazed knowing how cheap the owner was, but it was a beautiful display. The food was delicious. The newest Cullen Fields Merlot went perfectly with the meal.

Edward clinked his glass as he stood up. “I know it's the best man's job to make a few toasts. I hadn't even really thought about what I was going to say until today. Something incredibly embarrassing or something sweet? Emmett is far from sweet, but since Rosalie came into his life, I think we'll all admit, he's become a better man. I have never seen my brother so in love in all his life, except for maybe with his Playstation. He's an amazing and complex man that I'm sure only Rosalie must understand. But at the end of the day, he's my brother. I love you, Emmett and wish you all the happiness that life can bring you. I'm so proud to be gaining another sister. Now Alice won't be dragging me out shopping every weekend. Welcome to the family Rosalie. We love you both. To Emmett and Rosalie.”

We all seconded the sentiment and clinked our glasses together. Now was my turn.

“I know that I wasn't around for most of Rose and Emmett's courtship, but I think I've gotten to know him and his family pretty well lately. My sister and I have never been on the same wave link on so many things. She hasn't understood my choices and I haven't understood some of hers. From the moment I saw the two of them together, which was actually the day Emmett proposed, I knew he was the one for my big sister. I had never seen that glint in her eye before that day. I think I really saw my sister for the first time through Emmett's eyes. I want to thank Emmett for all the love he's given to my sister and for making me realize the beautiful, wonderful person she truly is. I love you, Rosalie. I hope your marriage is as filled with as much love as our mom and dad's and Esme and Carlisle's. I'm so proud to be your sister.”

Rose jumped up from her chair and wrapped her arms around me. The tears were flowing from both of us. “I love you so much. Thank you so much for that.”

“It was all true. I'm sorry I've never said it before.”

Edward and Emmett had to pry us apart and bring us back to our seats. Edward took my hand and brought his lips to it.



The day of the wedding went pretty fast. Before I knew it, I was waiting with Emmett to go out into the vineyard.

“This is your last chance. There's still time. The Volvo's right outside?”

“Not a chance.”

I went over to him to straighten his tie. “I can't believe you still can't tie a Windsor knot.” We were both dressed in black tuxes. He wore a black vest with a long black tie, while Jasper and I wore pale yellow vests and ties to match Alice and Bella's dresses.

Jasper peeked his head around the corner. “It's time guys. You ready?”

“Let's do this.” Emmett patted me on the back before heading towards the arch he'd spent so many hour perfecting.

Alice's horse came right on cue. Jasper picked her up off the horse and escorted her down the aisle. Next, Bella came, but not on the same horse as she did in the rehearsal. She was riding Arcadia. When they got to the end of the aisle, I gave Arcadia a comforting stroke at her mane then helped Bella down.

“You're radiant.”

“You're not so bad yourself.”

We made our way to the front of the aisle as Charlie and Rosalie pulled up in the carriage. Charlie hopped down then helped Rosalie to the ground. There was a collective awe that swept over the guest as they made their way to the front of the aisle. I'd never seen my brother smile so wide. I think he even wiped a tear from his eye before taking her hand.

The ceremony was touching, a lot of people crying, my mother mostly. Alice and Bella kept trading the bouquets around so they had free hands to wiped their tears. During the vows, I caught Bella's eyes on me. I knew she was saying yes and I hadn't even asked the question. She wouldn't have to wait much longer. Tonight was the night.


For some reason, Bella decided to go first with her toast. Mostly the same as the one from the night before. Mine, however, was a bit different.

As the guest toasted after Bella's toast, I stood to begin mine. “For those of you who don't know, I'm Edward, Emmett's brother and best man. I'd like you all to know we have only one thing to thank for bringing us all together today. Emmett's stomach.” The guests chuckled a little bit. Emmett just shook his head as Rosalie took his hand. “Almost a year ago, Alice dragged Emmett out for dinner. He actually enjoyed the meal so much, he asked to talk to the chef. He told me that the first time he saw Rosalie was one of the best moments of his life. Somehow, he just knew. Thankfully, she knew it too. Because of the love that Rosalie and Emmett share they became more than just a couple. They became the beginning of one of the most unusual families in history. Because of the two of them, my sister, Alice, fell in love with Rosalie's younger brother, Jasper. And even though neither of us were looking for it, Rosalie's sister, Bella and I found our soul mates in each other. The six of us have found incredible love and bliss all because of Emmett's stomach. So here's to Emmett's stomach. You have my undying gratitude.” We all clinked our glasses. Rosalie was the first to hug me. Then Emmett picked both of us up in a bear hug.

The night went on with the garter and bouquet tosses, to Alice and Jasper respectively. Then came the dollar dance. Bella and I each collected money from guests for a chance to dance with the bride or groom. Jasper ended up paying to dance with both. I think he had polished off a half a bottle of champagne by then. Seeing Emmett dip Jasper was priceless. I was laughing so hard, I cried. The dances ended with Bella in Emmett's arms counting their loot and I with Rosalie.

“Wow, six hundred dollars.” Rosalie couldn't believe that anyone would even pay five dollars to dance with her for thirty seconds.

“Uncle Aro was very generous. Are you surprised?”

“Not really.” She smiled as she brought me in for a hug. She put her lips next to my ear to whisper. “How much longer are you gonna make her wait?”

I pulled back and winked at her. “Not much longer.”

I finally got Bella to myself on the dance floor. Her hips swayed as my hand drifted down to them. I knew Bella wasn't the most graceful dancer, so I had to get this right the first time. A swell in the music came and the courage reached me. I shocked her as I spun her out. Before pulling her back in, I pulled the diamond solitaire ring from my pocket. When I pulled her back in, her hand went to the perfect spot on my chest. I was able to just slip the ring right on her finger. A perfect fit. I knew she thought it was coming, but she still looked utterly surprised.

I took both of her hands in mine as I got down on one knee. “Our relationship has been far from traditional, but this was one tradition I wasn't willing to give up on.” I griped at her hands harder as I felt my pulse begin to race. “I remember taking your hand for the first time when we were running through the vineyard the day we met. Even though I never wanted to admit that Emmett might be right for once, I couldn't help myself. I think I knew for sure I was falling in love with you the first time I felt the urge to kiss you. I was helping you get off your horse. Even though the moment passed us by I had a feeling I would get a second chance. By the time I kissed you the first time, you had become my best friend and I was already madly in love with you. I will love you in this life and the next. Will you do me the honor of becoming my wife?”

I hadn't realized that the music had stopped and the entire room had gone silent. I'm sure about two hundred and fifty pairs of eyes were staring at the two of us awaiting her answer. She just pressed her lips together and then parted them to lightly drag the tip of her tongue across them.

“Yes. I will be your wife.”

The crowd erupted in cheers as I brought my lips up to meet Bella's. We stood there kissing for so long that Alice had to come tear us apart.

The evening wound down after Bella and I received almost as many congratulations as Emmett and Rosalie did. I waited impatiently for the moment we could slip away.

After another heart to heart talk with her father, in which he recounted my asking for her hand, Bella's eyes overflowed with tears. I never liked to see her cry, but these were tears of joy. I just kissed their oddly sweet taste from each of her cheeks.

I finally got her alone and back up to my room. I had hoped she was not to tired, because I wanted to make her mine in every way possible.



I unbuttoned his vest and untied his tie. I took care with each button as my hands were slightly trembling. Finally, he was standing in only his tux pants and I was still fully dressed.

This doesn't seem fair.” He waved his hands up and down his bare chest.

Does this help?” I removed my earrings and necklace and placed them on his dresser. I kicked off my shoes, one by one. I pulled the combs that were holding my hair in place, letting my waves cascade across my shoulders.

Just a few more things.” He came behind me and unzipped my dress. It gave way from my body and pooled at my feet. Now I stood in a white lace bra and matching underwear.

I think we're still a little off balance again.” I let my fingers slip past his waistband to grasp the zipper of his tux pants. I slid them off revealing a pair of charcoal gray boxer briefs. I loved how they hugged every curve of his thighs. I noticed a very pronounced bulge before he pulled me in closer.

I felt his hands on my back as the hooks on my bra gave way. I let it drop between us then pressed my bare breasts to his chest. His eyes kept my gaze as I felt his hand cupping at my breast. The soft moan reverberated though out my body before escaping my lips.

I pulled at his boxer briefs as he slid them off. I didn't waist any time getting mine off and into the pile on the floor. A few seconds of the study of his perfect physic was all I needed. Suddenly, I felt him lift me up and my legs instinctively wrapped around his waist. Our kisses were wet and passionate as he carried me over to the bed. When he laid me down, I felt the awful reminder that still laid upon my back. I winched in pain.

This isn't going to work. I'm sorry.”

What? What do you want me to do?” I could tell he wasn't giving up that easily. I wasn't about to make him wait any longer. I would be taking on the driver's seat, at least for tonight.

I flipped him over on his back and began kissing my way across his chest. His nipples were rock hard beneath the flickering of my tongue. My hand unconsciously made it's way to between his thighs while my tongue was exploring his collar bone. I felt his moan flow across his body as my hand began stroking. It sent a tingle across every nerve. I couldn't wait any more. We'd have our entire lives for foreplay. I needed him in me, making me complete.

I placed myself on top of him, my wetness caressing all of his length below me.

Wait.” Edward reached over to the bedside table and pulled a square purple wrapper from the drawer. I took it from him and unwrapped the condom. I slipped it slowly over him causing another wave of moans to shudder through his body.

I positioned myself back on top of him and slowly slid him inside of me. I felt his fingers gripping at my behind as I began a slow and steady rhythm. I could feel the slow burn making it's way from my center, up my chest and through out the rest of my body. I felt the goose bumps rise all over my skin. My nipples harden as he moaned my name.

Suddenly, he sat up, wrapping his arms around me. Only a whisper of space between us. I felt his tongue graze my nipple as my breast rose up next to his lips. I found myself going faster, pounding harder against his pelvis. My moans were uncontrollable. I was on top of him but had no command over my actions. The burn turned to fire as I felt myself coming closer and closer to bliss. His arms were wrapped around my back, his hands pulling me down on him at my shoulders. In one final burst, I reached a goal I never had before. I could feel it from my toes to the end of every hair on my body.

I fell on top of him as his back made it's way to the bed's surface. My breath was ragged and uneven. I couldn't believed I had waited that long. I could have had mind blowing sex like that for months. A smiled crept across my lips as I realized this was just the first time. I had a lifetime to look forward to.

You... are... welcome,” he said as I felt his fingers stroking my hair.

How did you know that I was going to say thank you?”

Cause it's exactly what I was going to say. Thank you for the best experience of my life.”

I kissed his lips gently. “It's just the beginning.” I continued kissing him, bringing the passion back up to the surface. My tongue caressing the depths of his mouth.

Again? Bella, you're insatiable.”

I smiled before bringing my lips back to his. “You better believe it.”


A/N: I know the beginning was a little chopped up, but I wanted to get to the good parts. What did you think of the toasts? Was the proposal romantic enough? I hope no one is offended by their first time. I always like to be descriptive with out sounding too dirty. What did you think? This is not the last chapter, so please keep commenting and reviewing to urge me further. Thanks for reading.

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