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Fan Fiction: "Shadows of Another Life" Chapter 10~Morning After


Title: Shadows of Another Life

Author: Lindseyfair
Characters/Pairing: Edward/Bella, some Rosalie/Emmett, some Alice/Jasper
Rating: M for Mature Audiences, just in case
Category: Romance, General
Spoilers: If you haven't read the books, you might not get some of it. This is Alternate Universe and is All Human.
Summary: Bella has just ended a long relationship with Jake. She has decided to start over in Cottonwood, Ca where her family, dad, Charlie, sister, Rosalie, and twin brother, Jasper have made home the past year without her. Can she settle in to the new town, her new career, and a new romance all while dealing with the tragic events that lead to the move?
Disclaimer: I own nothing. I'm not SM. I'm just LJ, but most days I wish I was SM.

Chapter 10-Morning After


By the time dawn rolled around, we let our bodies give way to our exhaustion. I had never slept so deeply or so quietly in all my life.

I awoke to a buzzing sound next to my ear. Edward's phone was vibrating on the bedside table. I felt for it, but ended up having to open my eyes to actually find it. He had four text messages. I nudged Edward awake. He rolled from his side to his back.


I gasped and smacked his chest. “No.” I held up his phone in front of him. “I think the real world is calling.”

He rubbed his eyes as I sat next to him. He took the phone and flipped through the messages. “Alice, wants to know if the furniture is still in tact. Alice, wants to know if we're alive. Alice, we've missed breakfast. Finally, Alice, if we don't get up soon we're going to miss lunch.” He flipped his phone shut and tossed it on the floor.

“What time is it?”

He looked over at the clock. “It's twelve thirty.”

“Lunch is supposed to be at one. Then Rose and Emmett are supposed to open presents. We're still on duty until they leave for the honeymoon.”

“How about, you and me and a quick hot shower.” He leaned over and kissed my lips then made his way across my jaw and down my neck.

“I think you should know by now that anything we do together when we're naked never goes quickly.”

“Okay, you go rinse off. I'll get you some clothes. Then when you're done, I'll jump in.”

“Five minutes.” I jumped out of bed and ran into the shower.

Within seconds, the hot water was beading up on my salty skin. I scrubbed every inch clean. I was saddened that the scent of the Irish Spring soap replaced Edward's. I'd make a point to get it back as soon as possible. I rinsed my hair and got out having no time to shave. I wrapped up in a towel before opening the bathroom door.

Edward greeted me with a pat on the butt before he got in the shower. I found the clothes he laid out for me on the bed. My favorite pair of jeans and the black t-shirt that Edward said hugged my curves in all the right places. I picked up my jeans to find he'd brought me my yellow bra and matching lace panties.

By the time I'd gotten fully dressed, he was out of the shower. I sat back on the bed and watched as Edward slipped his burgundy boxer briefs on. He slipped on his jeans and a charcoal gray t-shirt. We didn't even bother with shoes, so he just grabbed his phone and we made our way downstairs.

“It's about time. Did you get any of the text I sent you?”

Edward sighed as he laced his fingers through mine. “Yes Alice. We're alive. The furniture is all in one piece. Sorry we missed breakfast, but we're here now.” She continued giving him the stink eye as he wrapped his arms around me from behind.

Esme had set out a huge buffet for the nine of us. I hadn't realized, until I saw all the food, how hungry I was. Edward and I filled our plates while we still seemed to manage to keep touching each other on some part of our body.

“I guess Em and I we're not the only one's celebrating last night.”

My dad was seated at the end of the table with Carlisle and Esme. He cleared his throat giving Rose the distinct impression he didn't want to hear that conversation.

“We'll swap stories later,” Rose whispered as I sat next to her.

I was actually able to clean my plate despite Edward's hand roaming up and down my thigh. I occasionally got my chances to give it back to him. He almost choked when I stuck two fingers in his waistband, tickling at his hip.

When we finished with lunch, Rose ambushed me, pushing Edward to the living room out of ear shot. She pulled Alice and I into the laundry room and started the interrogation.

“Alright, my night was phenomenal, that's a given. So, I wanna know about yours. Fess up.”

I had hopped up on the dryer while Rose stood with her arms crossed. Alice kept biting at her nails looking extremely uncomfortable.

“Are you sure you want to be here Alice?” It seemed like Rose was the force behind this ordeal.

“It's just Edward and I never really talk about this stuff.”

“If I have to hear all about your sex Olympics with Jasper, you can hear how Edward rocked Bella's world.”

Yes, rocked my world was an appropriate analogy. Still, I could understand Alice being a little uncomfortable. Now matter how close Jasper and I were, we still felt a little strange going into the intimate details of our sex lives.

“Rose, if she doesn't want to hear, we can't force her.”

“It's just, it's Edward. He's never...”

Rose's jaw dropped. “Was he a virgin?”

“No,” I said with complete assurance.

“No. I know he's had sex before, but we just never really talked about it. Do you and Jasper talk about it?”

This was dangerous ground. Jasper and I did talk about these things, but did Alice know we did? “You know we talk about everything, sex included. It is a little weird, but he's Jasper.”

“He told you about the night in the wine cellar?” Alice gasped as I nodded. “I'm so embarrassed.”

Don't be. It was wild and romantic. It sounded like you had a lot of fun. You made him very happy.”

“Besides, what do you think they're out there talking about right now?” Rose bit her lip and tapped her foot as both Alice and I realized they were swapping stories just like we were.

“I guess you're right.” Alice jumped up and sat on the washer. “He rocked your world then, did he?”

“More than that. It was miraculous.” I let my head fall back as I gripped at the top of the dryer. “I thought the first time was good, but God...”

Alice interrupted. “First time? How many times?”

“I lost count after four. We didn't fall asleep until after the sun had come up.”

“Four? All that time alone, he must have been storing it up.” Alice smiled as she relaxed into the conversation.

“How'd he do it? Like regular or did you explore the Kama Sutra. Cause Em likes to try at least one different position a week.”

“I don't know about the Kama Sutra. We didn't really talk about it. We ended up where we ended up. Except I couldn't be on my back cause of that stupid bruise.”

“You got on top then! Bold move Bella. I'm so proud of you.” Rose hugged me like I had just won first place in the science fair not that I rode my fiancée like a Harley on a bad stretch of road.

“I was on top the first time. Then we kind of got creative after that. He wanted to make sure he wasn't hurting me.”

“So it was better right? Better than Jake?”

Why did Rose have to bring him into this. “If were talking about skills here. Yes, a million times better. Believe it or not, I never got to the point with Jake.”

Rose clasped her hand over her mouth as Alice patted me on the back. “You've never had one? I'm so sorry.” Alice brought her arm to my other shoulder and gave me a squeeze.

“Not that I never had one, just never actually during sex. Until last night. Was it like that with you and Emmett?”

Rose just looked at me biting her lip. “They're just much better with him.”

“So I am a freak.” I hung my head. I knew there was always something wrong with me.

“No, sweetie.” Rose took my hand. “It was just your body's way of telling you he wasn't the right one for you. Now that you've got Edward, you've finally found your other half. The guy that makes you... complete.”

She was right. Of course she was right. I hated when she was right.

“Okay, I think we've given them enough time. Let's go see how many things I'm going to have to return.”


“Rosalie is sure pushy. It's like they were discussing a matter of national importance.” I could still feel the force of her grip as she grabbed my arm and pushed me out of the kitchen onto the living room couch.

“She just wants to hear about your night. She's always been worried about Bella's... happiness. I guess she hasn't had the most exciting go of it.”

I turned to Jasper. “He's right. Jake never really rang her bell.”

“She told you that?” I was kind of surprised she talked about sex with her brother.

“You know we talk about everything. Sex is included in the category of everything. I talk to her about me and Alice. About that night in the wine cellar.”

“Oh God.” I'm never going to see that place in the same way again.

“Come on. We've all done it. I think mom and dad have even had a turn down there. Who do you think gave Alice the idea?”

“Then it's you I have to thank.” Jasper patted Emmett on the back.

I just shook my head as Emmett moved to sit beside me. “Hey, she's just telling them how wonderful it was I'm sure. It was wonderful, wasn't it?”

Wonderful didn't even come close to describing it. “I don't think there is a word to describe what we did several times last night.”

“Several times? Brother, I didn't know you had it in you. So, what? Several, like more than three?”

I dropped my head back against the back of the couch trying to recall a number. They were all becoming one big blur of arms and legs and flesh on flesh. “Somewhere around five I think. We just kept going until we passed out around dawn.”

“You must have really pushed her buttons. Rose is kinda like that too. Hit the right spot and she goes for hours.”

Jasper and I just laughed and smiled. “I think I must have done something right. The way she moaned my name...” I closed my eyes as my palms got sweaty at just the thought. “I've never, and I mean never, been so turned on like that in my life.” I shuddered as I could feel the sweat dripping from the back of my neck. “Is it hot in here?”

“I think it's just you. Here.” Emmett threw me a beer then passed one to Jasper. “Now, I'll make a toast. To those astonishing women who make our temperatures rise and our blood boil.”

We raised our cans. “To the women!”

We sat and drank until the women came in. Then the torture began.

Bella sat writing down all the presents and who gave what. After the fourth toaster, I thought it would never end. Three hours of wrapping paper and bows. I would be glad to skip this part for Bella and I.

That's when it hit me. Bella and I were getting married. I pulled her back from the edge of the couch and into my arms. My thoughts were perfectly clear, but she was a little confused by the kiss I planted on her.

“Again?” She smiled and gave me another peck on the lips.

“I think there are a few things we need to start thinking about.”

“Oh, like when we can get all through this?”

“Yep.” I kissed her nose. “You still want a beach at sunset don't you?”

“Yeah, but what about Alice and Jasper?”

“I just had an epiphany!” Alice plopped down next to me and grabbed at the back of my shoulders. “A double wedding. It's perfect. Bella and Jasper share everything. Why not they're wedding day?”

Jasper and Bella turned to look at each other and shrugged their shoulders. “Why not? I don't mind if you don't, Bells.”

“If Alice is willing to share, it's fine with me.”

“Rosalie and Emmett will have to pull double duty.” I didn't think they'd care having to stand up for both of us.

“I've got it.” Rosalie stood up. “Emmett told me about that beach house you guy rent on Kawi. It'd be perfect. I'll call this afternoon.”

“Rose, really you don't have to. I'm sure Alice and I can do it.”

“I want to for my little sisters.”

“Another wedding to plan? How long is this going to take?” Emmett didn't look to thrilled.

“Soon.” Bella spoke up.

“Sooner the better.” I added as a kissed at Bella's neck. “I want you to be Mrs. Cullen by the end of the month.”

“That doesn't give us much time. Maybe we should hold off on the honeymoon until after, sweetie.”

Emmett shook his head in definite defiance. “No way. I've planned everything down to the last detail. Our flight leaves in...” He looked at his watch. “four hours. We should probably wrap things up.”

“Let me just get that number from your mom and call. See if we get lucky.” Rosalie started nipping at Emmett's ear, something he obviously liked.

“Okay, I'll give you a half an hour. Then it's off to the airport, Mrs. Cullen.”

I started to think, this was going to be really strange. Bella and Rosalie were swapping Swan for Cullen and Alice was swapping Cullen for Swan. What a messed up family this is.

Bella and I retreated to our favorite couch. She thought if we went back up to my room, we'd never come back out to see Emmett and Rosalie off. We snuggled in and turned on the television. We weren't really watching. She was tracing circles on my forearm as I was taking in the fragrances wafting from her hair.

Rosalie came bursting in, completely out of breath. Bella and I sat straight up on the couch, leaving our comfortable positions. “I got it. Two weeks. You've got two weeks. They said they do weddings all the time, so it's going to be so easy. All you do is fill out the paperwork and show up.”

“Sounds perfect.” Bella nuzzled at my nose before giving me a soft kiss.

“Esme's got the number. You can call to work out all the details. Alice is already arranging the flights. We'll be back on Friday.”

Bella got up and went to hug Rosalie. “Have a wonderful time. Thanks so much. I love you.”

“I love you, too.” She let Bella go. “See you Friday.”

Rosalie ran from the room as Bella returned to the couch. She slipped easily back into my embrace. I returned to kissing her hair.

“This means they're gone you know. You thinking what I'm thinking?” She had made me suffer all day. I didn't think I could wait much longer.

“My little devil ready for another round?”

I turned her around and crushed my lips to hers. “Have you ever seen the wine cellar?”


A/N: I've got some stuff in mind for the wedding. Any suggestions are welcomed, IE music, flowers, stuff like that. I want to keep it simple but elegant. Keep those reviews and comments coming. There is still more of this story to be told. Thanks for reading!

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